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Camera Operator

Robin Fisher is a natural history filmmaker recently graduated from an MA in Directing & Producing Science Natural History at the National Film & Television School. Most recently, he had his student film about kingfishers feature on BBC Springwatch


Robin has a background in Zoology, specialising in Marine Biology and shark behaviour. He has extensive in-water experience working with sharks and other Marine life. He is an experienced free-diver and Scuba Diver. He recently completed his HSE Commercial Media IV Diver and has a PADI Rescue Diver and Drysuit qualification with 40+ dives in the UK and South Africa. He has worked as a freelance wildlife/surf photographer. He has an eye for composition and is at home in/under the water. He is experienced working from boats conducting scientific research and working in ecotourism. Robin is now working as a tour guide/videographer taking people to swim with blue sharks in Cornwall, UK with Blue Shark Snorkel.


 Prior to his Masters, he interned as a researcher in South Africa, studying ragged tooth sharks and white sharks. Subsequently, he published a research letters titled Possible causes of a substantial decline in sightings in South Africa of an ecologically important apex predator, the white shark.

He is an RLSS Lifeguard and has had Survival at Sea training (BOSIET Combined (with CA EBS/ EBS & Escape Chute)). He is also a marathon long-distance swimmer, having successfully completed a Channel Swim Crossing in 2019.

During his time studying at the NFTS, Robin's focus has been on camerawork. He filmed an award-winning film about a wildlife artist and blue sharks in the UK, titled Painted Blue. This film demonstrated his ability to shoot sequences underwater.


Robin has also gained experience as a runner and camera trainee on commercial shoots with Bladesman Productions. During this time, he was able to gain experience with terradeks and wireless units, handling Cooke S4i lenses, assisting with the setup of a jib and camera-building an Alexa Mini. He enjoyed this experience, but technical problem solving in the field, in order to film wildlife behaviour sequences, especially under the waves, is what he feels  compelled to do.

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